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Home Work

‘In these warm, observant essays, Helen Hayward argues that in looking after our living spaces we do far more than knock off the chores. In sharing her own experience, she shows how everyday homemaking can nourish ourselves and others at a level far deeper than the physical - and how, for her, housekeeping became a recurring affirmation of love and life.’

Sarah Wedderburn, British poet

Rethinking housework: how mindful housekeeping can boost wellbeing ABC Life Matters, 4/3/2024

Helen Hayward in Conversation, Home Work (Soundcloud)

A Slow Childhood

If you’ve ever struggled to balance a desire for personal fulfilment with a yearning to be the best parent you can be, this book may resonate with you. Part-memoir, part-existential musings, part-guidebook, A Slow Childhood is based on my experience of transitioning from a life focused on career to a life focused on family.

A Slow Childhood is a triumph. I was very moved, often to tears, by it. – Alain de Botton 

This was the last title Edita published , please contact me for the eBook.


This is a tool that makes a direct connection between how we feel and what we eat, between mood and food. 


For the Love of Food

This beautifully designed book tells the stories of 41 Tasmanians whose lives have been shaped by their passion for food. Among them are Matthew Evans, widely known as the 'Gourmet Farmer'; Kirsha Kaechele, Feast Curator at MONA, Rodney Dunn, from the Agrarian Kitchen, chefs Michelle Crawford and David Moyle and Jay Patey from Pigeon Whole Bakers.


Never Marry a Girl with a Dead Father

This is my first book, a rewrite of my Phd for a general audience. I was teaching literature at the time, and wondered why so many heroines of 19th century novels didn't have a father.

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