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What does it mean to live a personally creative life? What skills - and awareness -  do you need in order to make things at home? What if you like cooking but aren’t especially good at it? How do you start growing things when you don’t know the first thing about gardening? What if you long for a warm and attractive home but happen to hate housework? 


Come to Alceme (6 Victoria St) for 5 winter fortnightly workshops
Sundays 6.30 to 8pm, $10 each or $40 for series of 5, men and women welcome.


4 June:  Cooking with Ainstie Wagner (chef at Government House) We’ll discuss cooking under pressure, entertaining and, the holy grail, how to make the best meal you can every time you cook. (Bring along your favourite cookbook) 


18 June:  Making with Lucie Hoggins (applepip project) It’s so easy, all the experts say. But it’s only easy once you know how to make something - and even easier when you’ve watched someone do it. Though Lucie is a sewer, this workshop applies to all the arts. (Bring along something - anything - you’ve made)


2 July:  Renovating with Ash Faye (teacher/renovator) It’s not just DIY, renovating is about how to make the familiar new again; or, how to keep our fantasies alive and under budget. (Bring a photo of your favourite stay/room)


16 July:  Housekeeping with Helen Hayward interviewed by Jane Longhurst (actor) Can housekeeping be satisfying? Or does it have to be a dull mush of chores? After sharing our favourite and least favourite tasks we’ll look at ways to make housekeeping feel lighter. (Bring a household tip to share)


30 July:  Gardening with Christina Giudici (agriculturalist) Anyone can garden - even a windowbox - so why don’t we do it more? After discussing the basics, we’ll explore vegetables, flowers and bees! (Bring a woody stem to make a cutting ie rosemary)


Helen Hayward is a writer with a background in publishing, psychotherapy - and yoga! Her 4th book, HomeWork: creativity, love and housekeeping, comes out in spring. To register:

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